We are a Brazilian studio. In 2020 we Started bringing projects to life through design.

We believe that Branding is a movement that connects ideas, delights people and opens up places. It's like telling a story where we understand your desire, investigate your challenges and reveal the strength of your business.

Every good story begins when two paths cross. Our methodology combines our experience with your vision. This is the way we have found to create a living brand of real value together.

  • Pedro Oliveira Art Director and Animator

    Pedro Oliveira is the founder and animator of Távola Design. He was born and raised in Bahia and from an early age was surrounded by rhythms that inspire his passion for the colors and movements around him to this day.

  • Mateus Moitinho Art Director and Illustrator

    Mateus Moitinho, founder and illustrator at Távola Design, has a degree in Graphic Design. He is from Brasília and has been in love with the city's curves since childhood.

This is how we do it at TÁVOLA

Research Empathize and Define

This is the moment we use to understand the needs and opportunities of your business.

We will gather a lot of information that will be relevant during the creation process.

This way, we can make the first decisions about your business's goals and desires.

Transcribe Ideation and Prototyping

This is the stage where we transform the results of our research into possible paths for your brand.

Our intention is to describe the main situations where we capture the true essence and expression of your project.

This is crucial to ensure that your project is understood by your audience.

Connection Test and Implement

We will implement tests to evaluate the paths chosen and taken so far.

Our main mission is to ensure that your message is well accepted and understood by your target audience.

At this stage we validate and refine the solutions discussed throughout the process.

We create solutions for people who love their business.


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