• Client: Lambêjo
  • Art Direction: Mateus Moitinho and Pedro Oliveira
  • Illustration: Mateus Moitinho
  • Animation: Pedro Oliveira

Lambêjo presents the newest fruit and vegetable popsicle for dogs, which can really be enjoyed in its entirety. Even the toothpick! A refreshing and nutritious snack, made with 100% natural and hand-selected ingredients that puppies will love.

Lambêjo exists to transform a common, everyday situation into a moment of fun and sharing with your pet.

They can even eat the stick!

The creation of the visual identity is based on the canine smile, a cultural expression. After extensive image research and several drafts, with analysis of the most friendly and appropriate format for the project, we arrived at a solution that creates a moment of fun and gratitude.

Therefore, applying the Gestalt technique, we selected 6 main colors with room for the emergence of new palettes, as the company opens up the possibility of new products in the same segment.


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